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Why gays shouldn't foster and adopt kids…

Whoops, my mistake! This is a straight couple perpetrating horrors on their children. (CNN):

A woman who molested at least one of her five children and prompted four of them to have sex with each other has been sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Robin Kraft, 26, had pleaded guilty in June to two charges of rape and four counts of child endangering. Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge David Davis on Friday imposed the maximum sentence, saying Kraft should not be released from prison while she can bear children.

…Prosecutors said Kraft and her husband, Paul Kraft, 32, sexually abused their four sons and one daughter, ages 1 to 6, in 2004.

In March, Paul Kraft received five life sentences on five rape charges and 96 additional years on 12 charges of pandering sexually oriented material involving a minor. He is ineligible for parole.

As I said in my recent post “Parents“, Florida couple John and Linda Dollar tortured and starved their children, beating them with belts, paddles, switches and whips, kicked, and took a cattle prod to them. Former Cincinnati City Councilman Sam Malone whipped his son with a belt hard enough to hospitalize him and was not judged to have committed a crime.

Then there are the various parents deliberately placing their children in harm’s way by leaving them in hot cars, riding them in trunks of cars, or serving them up to be raped).

Yet time, energy and money are spent all over the country trying to make sure law abiding LGBT citizens don’t have the right to adopt or foster children simply because of their orientation.

The hat tip goes to Shakes Sis, who also has a slam-dunk post up, An Epidemic of Hatred, that chronicles the lack of MSM coverage of crimes perpetrated on the LGBT community around the country.

We hear more about shark attacks, the latest news about who is boinking who, but outside of gay media, there’s an awful lot of silence unless it’s about gay marriage amendments, attempts to stop gay fostering and adoption and general worries about the homo boogeyman. Shakes Sis:

There have been two episodes of gay-bashing in California in the last week. In the first, three men stood outside a gay club yelling epithets at entering patrons, then smashed a window, then got into a physical fight with patrons who confronted them. Then yesterday, a graver attack was mounted on three gay men leaving San Diego Pride festivities. They were taunted, struck with a baseball bat, and one may have been stabbed. (All three received serious, but not life-threatening, injuries.)

Recently, a lesbian couple in Maine had their home left in ruins after an attack which included anti-gay messages scrawled on the walls, smashed and stolen property, and urination and defecation throughout.

These closely follow a similar pattern seen around the country last summer, during which in July alone, a gay club in Brownsville, Texas was torched, and the week before that, the only gay club in Fayetteville, Arkansas was torched, and earlier in July, a gay-friendly UCC church was tagged with anti-gay graffiti and then torched.

Three big stories in one month, two years in a row—and only stories of attacks so vicious they made the news, and only the local and alternative national news, at that.

…And Congress, well, they were pushing for an amendment to deny equal rights to same-sex couples. Their focus was “protecting the sanctity of marriage.” They’re more concerned with protecting an institution, an abstract concept, than protecting people.

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