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Out lesbian's victory in Alabama challenged by opponent's mother-in-law

Oh, this is rich. Retired beautician Mattie Childress, mother in law of losing candidate Gaynell Hendricks is charging winner (by 59 votes) Patricia Todd with hiding the fact that she received support from The Victory Fund.

Kathy @ Birmingham Blues has the scoop, saying:

There’s a tiny problem with that assumption — Patricia has been out for years. Every news story I saw on her runoff victory mentioned that she would be the first openly gay legislator in Alabama history. This wasn’t a big revelation to anyone who was paying attention. And if the majority of voters in District 54 don’t care that she’s gay, why would they care that she received money from the Victory Fund?

Childress also tosses off charges of a payoff of two other Todd opponents who eventually endorsed Todd, and that there were unspecified “illegal votes.”

There is a smell of homophobic desperation in the air.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding