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New Comment Features – Open Thread


If you haven’t noticed yet, we got some upgrades on the comments. Here is a brief run-down of what is new.

Edit Comment

Commenter’s can now edit their own comments for up to 5 minutes after they post it. This will allow them to go back and make typo corrections, fix broken tags, etc. When you click the edit comment link, the comment code appears in the edit box and you make the changes as normal. If you wish to discard your changes you may by pressing the cancel button.

Quote This Comment

This will automatically insert a quotation of that comment into the editor, along with a link back to the original comment.

Marking of New Comments

This is not a 100% exact method due to server caching. The system will track the most recent 10 posts you have viewed and label comments as "new" since the last time you checked.

Editor Buttons.

The new buttons above the editor will make it easier to format your comment. You can highlight your text then click the appropriate button to apply that formatting. If you do not have any text selected then the button will place the opening tag for that format. You click the button again to enter the closing tag. If you have a bunch of tags open and wish to close them all, then you can click the "close all open tags" button (this only works on tags that you entered via buttons and not ones entered manually).

The "new" feature and "edit comment" feature rely upon a small cookie to be placed on your computer. This is used solely to track your last visit time for the "new" and fingerprint which comments are actually yours for editing. If you have cookies disabled, then these features will not work on your browser.

Enjoy the new features and use this as an open thread for some morning play time with the new comments.

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Jamie is a former firefighter, who devoted his time to fighting a corrupt city hall. After leaving the firefighting field, he moved into the IT field developing desktop and web applications. He is devoted to progressing the netroots movement through new technologies and actively works on the Wordpress project. He also does work in photographic processing as well as 3D modeling.

Jamie also has a long history in local and state politics. He has worked on campaigns varying from local councilperson to state senate. He has been active at increasing the recognition of local parties and devoted to increasing their effectiveness.