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Ned Lamont’s First Video Blog: Let’s Talk About Iraq


Over the weekend Ned filmed his first video blog.  Since Joe Lieberman doesn’t want to talk about his war in Iraq, I guess it’s up to the rest of us.

If you think there is more to be said on the topic and things aren’t going quite as swimmingly as Joey Short Ride seems to believe, you can join the YouTube revolution by shooting your own video and uploading it to the "Iraq Conversation" YouTube group. You can also contribute your thoughts by filling out a form over at Ned’s site.

Glenn Greenwald offers his thoughts :

It really seems as though the "plan" now in Iraq is just to step back and allow the whole country to collapse. That impression is strongly bolstered by the fact that war proponents seem eager to ignore Iraq and focus on other matters just as the civil war and destruction of that country seems to be reaching the point of no return. War proponents continuously argued that chaos, violence and instability in Iraq would be a grave threat to American security and a great ally of Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. And yet exactly that situation has resulted from our invasion, and now the proponents of the war — and apparently much of the media — want to just forget about all of that.

And Digby thinks the journalists who will descend on Connecticut like a swarm of locusts this week have a unique opportunity: 

If I were a real journalist and I had a chance to chat with Joe, I’d ask him if he still thinks that’s true in light of his fellow Senators’ condemnation of Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki’s remarks about Israel. It seems nobody has yet been able to get him to explain this.

He did attend and applaud Maliki’s speech, but failed to appear afterwards when reporters were asking questions. He’s been so busy bragging about his earmarks and having his campaign place flyers in black neighborhoods accusing Lamont of being a racist (Lee Atwater would be proud) that perhaps he hasn’t had time to weigh in on the most pressing foreign policy issues of the day.

Still, Joe is a man of principle and mid-east policy is his signature issue, so I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to take questions. Joe has been like a proud papa about this new Iraqi government. I’m curious what he thinks of it now, aren’t you?

Maybe I’m just being negative, cranky and unpatriotic here, but I think there is a lot more to say on the topic of Iraq.  How about you? 

(Special thanks to Spazeboy who shot the video for us and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning editing it.) 

Update:  Matt Browner-Hamlin has production stills.

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