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I’ll Take “Vote Buying on $60 a Day”


There is a special satisfaction I am going to take in watching Joe Lieberman get his ass kicked in this race by the African Americans who are showing up to support Ned Lamont.

One of the many delusions under which Holy Joe suffers is that he is black.  Or at least he believes that he owns the African American vote because he marched in ’63.  The petulant indignation shown by his proxy Dan Gerstein (who doesn’t speak for the Lieberman campaign, except when he does, anonymously) when Lieberman’s ghetto bona fides were questioned early on in the race by Howie Klein was quite the hoot.  Joe simply could not imagine that his opposition to affirmative action, his patronizing attitude toward the CBC, his 42 minute approval of Michael Brown or his love for George Bush (who has trashed just about every institution in the government that protected the rights of minorities) could be regarded with anything but loving admiration and fealty by the African Americans of Connecticut. 


We need to understand something, Joe Lieberman has NO RESPECT FOR BLACK VOTERS. He thinks they can be manipulated and conned. Oh, Marse Bill is coming for ol’ Joe. We’s got to vote for him. He doesn’t talk to them the way he talks to white voters, he has no respect for their intellect and grasp of the issues. He thinks he can drag up 40 year old shit and black folks are supposed to have a Pavolvian reaction when they hear King’s name. We’re not talking Moses here. Walking with King doesn’t get you lifetime absolution.

Well, black people want to hear about the economy, Iraq and other issues of the day. They want to be appealed to intellectually, not emotionally.

The Lieberman campaign and his expert want to appeal to black voters on emotion without offering them anything. It’s a racist insult of the worst kind, far more hurtful than tar baby or nigger. Because you show you think blacks are emotional children with no capacity for rational thought or action.

Joe is desperate now.  His campaign is trying to put 4,000 people on the ground by election day — he’s literally vote buying.  He didn’t see this coming and he’s degenerated into Lee Atwater-style politics, playing the "great man" in his commercials with Bubba this week but stealthily calling Lamont a bigot in flyers distributed in African-American neighborhoods.

There is a special kind of satisfaction I will be taking this week as leaders from the African American community show up to shatter Joe "Black Like Me" Lieberman’s illusions about himself.  And I’m really happy that the liberal blogosphere is finding common cause with African Americans leaders in this race.  It’s a bridge that we desperately need to build and I for one will be spending my week enthusiastically trying to do so.

Joe is raising over $100,000 a day now from people who have gotten good paying gigs in the Bush kleptocracy.  They’re calling themselves "centrists."  We mistakenly thought they were Democrats who wanted to get back in power.  They wanted no such thing, they’ve got what they wanted (incumbency, money) and they’re terrified of losing it.  They don’t love Joe Lieberman, they’re terrified that their cushy gig is being challenged by people who want their leaders to stand for something.  I think there are quite a few leaders in the African American community who are willing to do so, and we ought to be listening to them. 

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Jane Hamsher

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