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I think that I am going to die laughing at “former homosexual” activist James Hartline‘s paranoid account of what happened during the “spiritual and educational outreach” held by Peter LaBarbera and various fundies during the Gay Games in Chicago.

Petey hasn’t produced his own detailed first-hand account, but Hartline more than makes up for it with this screed:

Hartline says at one point during his visit, he and a group of Christians gathered together in front of a homosexual bathhouse. There, he notes, they met fierce resistance from a raucous crowd of homosexual activists and their supporters.

When we went inside of the homosexual community,” the Christian activist recalls, “it had to be one of the ugliest spiritual experiences that I’ve ever experienced, because of the hostility that was directed towards us specifically by members of that community. It was like a mob mentality.”

Hartline says members of the Chicago Police Department surrounded him and the people with him and created a barrier to protect them from the menacing pro-homosexual throng whose hostile members were raging at them. “There were so many threats coming our way,” he asserts, “they basically had to separate us from them.”

What was most disappointing about the whole situation, the ex-homosexual speaker observes, was the fact that some clergy members in their religious garb stood alongside the homosexual activists, shouting at the Christians. This scenario presented “one of the more telling signs about how far away from the Word of God some of these churches have gotten,” he says.

Porno Pete, who gave a talk about “The homosexual agenda in Chicago and its powerful friends, including compromised corporations” during his “Love & Truth Campaign” at the Games, showed up at Steamworks to do “outreach” accompanied by an armed bodyguard.

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