Mother Courage and the Bastards of War

Dresden, 1945

This afternoon I was reading an article on a local production of Brecht’s Mother Courage and Her Children and I was struck by this sidebar:

“The [Thirty Years’] war solved no problems. Morally subversive, economically destructive, socially degrading, confused in its causes, devious in its course, futile in its result, it is the outstanding example in European history of meaningless conflict. The overwhelming majority in Europe, the overwhelming majority in Germany, wanted no war; powerless and voiceless, there was no need even to persuade them that they did. The decision was made without thought of them. Yet of those who, one by one, let themselves be drawn into the conflict, few were irresponsible and nearly all were genuinely anxious for an ultimate and better peace…They wanted peace and they fought for thirty years to be sure of it. They did not learn then, and have not since, that war only breeds war.”

-From The Thirty Years War
by C.V. Wedgwood, 1938

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