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What’s that wacky dame up to now?

It looks like I drew the short straw which means I get to follow the adventures of Tits On A Blintz as she tours Israel and annoys the people who just want to wage their war in peace without some crazy Long Island housewife sticking her D-cups into their business.

We get a videolog of Pamela…well, let her explain it:

“I had this encounter with an Arab Muslim when viewing the top of Mount Olive. Mount Olive, the oldest Jewish cemetary in the world on Mount Olive…”.

Oh. That Mount Olive.

Unfortunately you can’t hear what Muhammad has to say because his voice is overwhelmed by the sound of the wind rushing through Pam’s head, but trust me, he’s totally down with her since she didn’t end the video by clawing him to death with her razorsharp Acrylics of Wrath.

Let’s see….hmmmm…. oh yes, the Arabs are vermin:

I spent the morning in East Jerusalem which is mostly Arab. The differences between the Jewish areas and the Arab areas is to break your heart. It is inexplicable to me why the Arabs would live in such abject squalor, throwing their garbage in the streets when they could all work together with the Jews for a far better life. But Jihad Islam will never let that happen.

Because there are no HeftyBag cinch-tops in the Koran.

Then a security guard checks Pam’s bag, she has a lovely salad at a tony Jerusalem salad bar ( Radishes & Kaddishes ), she meets a nice Jewish boy who happens to be a rabbi from LA, and then she goes back to her hotel room and has a solo ragegasm (preserved here in its original format):

Returning to my room and turning on the news (No FOX!), I can not make it official, CNN (Crescent News Network) makes Goebbels propaganda look like childs play. At least then we knew it was Naza state propaganda but CNN is “independent” They are anything but. They are jihad TV. Their portrayal of events in Lebanon are such lies, such Jew hatred — it is nothing short of frightening. Nothing is as they say it is.It is as if they are getting their talking points straight from Hezb’Allah. If I hear the “Israeli war machine” one more time, I’ll scream. It’s a handful of Jews fighting for their lives. Where are the news reports of the bombing of Nahariyah Hospital and the destruction of its fourth floor and the Department of Eye Diseases, in which Arabs and Jews have been treated, and where Arab and Jewish interns wor? All this whining about the Lebanese people not having enough money to leave their towns (as the benificent Israel has told them to do.) Tell Hezb’Allah to stop buying armaments and bombs and buyt their human shields a one way ticket out.

CNN screaming all day for a HUDNA so that the jihadis can rearm. Sick, sick, sick. Why? For access as they did by covering for Saddams heinous acts of barbarism? These CNN dhimmis will be the first ones getting their pretty little heads chopped off if the savages they are supporting should win. A CEASEFIRE IS A DEATH SENTENCE FOR iSRAEL.

Tomorrow: breakfast and an outing with Rabbi Dave while roomservice refills the depleted minibar.

(Added) Episode one and episode two and then… The adventure continues!..as they say at the movies.

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