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Bush and his Middle East Crisis Management team:



Week ending 7/29/06:

If this week proved anything it was that Bush is to Middle East diplomacy what Ted Bundy was to blind dates.  Only without the social skills . . . or boyish good looks.

You have to work pretty hard at being such a foreign policy trainwreck that Hezbollah comes off as the voice of reason. But then again, when your numero uno priority is getting back to the White House for  photo ops with the Future Farmers of America and the finalists from "American Idol," I suppose all the dead bodies piling up in Tyre, Qana, and Haifa really just symbolize to you the region’s march to a Western-style democracy. As Bush the Fantasist has told us over and over and over: "When the Middle East grows in liberty and democracy, it will also grow in peace, and that will make America and all free nations more secure."

Hey, Johnny Appleseed, here’s a gardening tip:  too much "Miracle Blo" burns the soil AND the plants, leaving you with a barren wasteland.  Y’know, kind of like the pig farm that is your soul.

In other news:

Roy Edroso tells Ann Althouse and her "Law Professors for Totalitarianism" posse (I said "posse" – keep it clean, people) that criticizing Israel for its questionable "peacemaking" strategy isn’t anti-Semitic just because it’s the Left making the assertion.  

The irony of the Rapturists praying for Israel and the death of the last Jew is not lost on Salvage at Hairy Fish Nuts.

Driftglass explains the tactics behind Bush’s Middle East negotiations, and Morse presents an educational public service announcement, Media Needle style.

Swopa at Needlenose deconstructs the Bush-Blair presser.  And the dogs come running.

Bombs over Beirut?  Now’s the perfect time for a glass of lemonade with No More Mister Nice Blog

While Bush was FedExing bombs to Israel, Arlen "Mr. Lubner" Specter was drafting legislation that would allow Congress to sue the President for his zealous representation of his own interests.  Greg at The Talent Show assuages any fears you might have that Specter will actually follow through on any of this.

Because you’re reading this blog, you’re very much aware that Ned Lamont is challenging Senator Droopy Dog for his Senate seat.  And you know that the New York Times . . . the NEW YORK TIMES, people! . . . has endorsed Ned Lamont.  Billmon gives us the other headlines from today’s paper.

By the way, Attaturk was watching QVC the other night, and saw that Lieberman is branching out into the sale of medical devices

Are you a wingnut?  You’re not sure?  Take Norbizness’ multiple choice test and learn, once and for all, whether you’re a grunt  with the 101st Keyboard Kommandos.

And yes, the Editors  have come through with more funny cat videos.  Why I eyes ya!

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