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Yo, Blair…Another Biscuit?


Tony Blair is in DC for a visit.  Will he have a Love Actually moment?

But his unequivocal support for the White House has left him open to growing criticism. In two opinion surveys this week, one in The Guardian on Tuesday, the other in today’s Daily Telegraph, a majority of Britons polled said that he should show more independence from the United States — mimicking the “Love Actually” moment from the movie of that name starring Hugh Grant as a British prime minister who breaks publicly with an American president. The findings of the latest survey “will increase pressure on Mr. Blair to call for an immediate cease-fire” when he meets President Bush on Friday, the Daily Telegraph said. Two-thirds of those it polled thought the prime minister gave the impression of going along with whatever the United States said.

Mr. Blair has long maintained that standing close to Mr. Bush in times of crisis enables the British leader to exert some influence over American actions.

But his critics are unlikely to grant him that. In an opinion piece in today’s issue of The New Statesman, for instance, Sir Stephen Wall, a former senior adviser to Mr Blair, wrote: “The overriding reason for Britain’s loss of moral authority is Blair’s conviction he has to hitch the U.K. to the chariot of the U.S. president.”

Or will it be more semi-masticated rolls and not much else of note?  Another biscuit, Tony?

And another amusing clip for everyone — this time, it’s a short YouTube of the scene in Love Actually where Hugh Grant is dancing to the Pointer Sisters‘ Jump.  Classic, and it makes me giggle and want to dance along with him every single time I see it.  Any other scenes that do the same for you?  If so, do share, because the horror that is the news today requires a little bit of light amongst all the shadows. 

I have seen Love Actually probably ten times now, at a minimum — I’m a sucker for funny love stories, especially ones with good scripts and great acting.  And really who wouldn’t love a movie with Colin Firth and Emma Thompson in it?  What are your favorite "crappy day, must feel better" movies?  Honestly, I know it’s not a serious discussion topic for the woes of the world, but frankly I could really use a distraction today, so do share.  Please…

PS — I meant to also ask, if there are any Brits (or Scots or Northern Irish or Welsh or…) in the audience, what’s the feeling on the ground about Blair?  Is there a no confidence maneuver in the near future — or is that just a rumble we’re hearing from some faction on this side of the Atlantic?

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Christy Hardin Smith

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