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What War?


Yes, there is something more relevant to this Connecticut race than what Ned Lamont had for dinner last night, something Joe Lieberman aggressively does not want to talk about:  his war.   While we’re sure Joe would like to tell us more about how some of his best friends are rape victims, reporters are getting tired of being dodged on topic of the country he lit on fire and now won’t discuss. 

From David Lightman in the Courant, via CTBlogger:

When Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki was speaking to a joint session of Congress this week, was Joe Lieberman trying to change the subject?

As al-Maliki was about halfway through his speech, Lieberman’s staff sent out a press release trumpeting how the Connecticut Democrat had vigorously opposed legislation – in a debate that ended 16 hours earlier – making it harder for pregnant girls to cross state lines to obtain an abortion without parental consent.

Back in the House chamber, Lieberman applauded much of the prime minister’s address. But when al-Maliki was finished, and dozens of lawmakers spilled into the halls to talk to the media, Lieberman was nowhere to be seen.

Spokesman Casey Aden-Wansbury said Lieberman had to make "previously scheduled calls." She would not identify whom he was calling, but said it was "ridiculous" to think the senator or his staff timed the release of the parental consent statement to take attention away from Iraq.

"We put out our press releases as soon as they are ready," she said.

But its timing seemed to fit a recent pattern: Joe Lieberman, under attack within his own party, highlights his areas of agreement with his fellow Democrats while publicly avoiding points of contention – particularly on Iraq.

Did Lieberman and his personal attack chicken Marion Slimefels think nobody would ever tire of their bullying obfuscations and notice?  He’s not just a candidate, he’s a sitting Senator whose actions launched us right into the middle of this mess.  If he imperiously refuses to talk about it, I hope we see more reporters getting righteously pissed off.

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