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The Washington wingers come out of the woodwork

Blender Randy emailed me about more local/online reaction to the Washington state Supreme Court 5-4 decision Wednesday that affirmed the state’s ban on same-sex marriage:

Pam, I was thinking about moving to Vancouver, Washington so I read the online version of the Vancouver Columbian. Today there is a story about the local state rep who is going to introduce legislation to make gay marriage legal. Now the Columbian is lucky to get two or three comments to their stories. The last I checked this story had 153 comments and the wingnuts are out in force. Their comments would be funny if they were not so sad and threatening. This made me think twice about moving to Vancouver.

The story that garnered the comments was The Columbian‘s Gay Marriage: Moeller vows to keep issue alive in Legislature. State Representative (and out gay man) Jim Moeller has stated that he’ll submit marriage equality legislation next year.

“I thought that there were some stereotypical excuses for the ruling,” he said. Arguing that same-sex marriage is contrary to the state’s interest in procreation and child-rearing, as some justices did, “seems to me to blatantly discriminate against couples who are beyond their child-rearing years,” he said. “I thought the argument was bogus.”

… Several gay-rights advocates attended the somber news conference in Vancouver, and about 20 later gathered in Vancouver’s Esther Short Park to share their stories.

The Rev. Tom Tucker, pastor of Vancouver Heights Methodist Church, said he had hoped to marry some gay and lesbian couples in his congregation before he retires. “I’m also a realist,” he added. As in other civil rights campaigns, he said, progress will come “two steps forward, one step back. You have to keep coming back to the halls of the Legislature.”

At the news conference, Pastor Suzan Soza of the nondenominational church Crossroots Ministries in Vancouver stated publicly for the first time that she is a lesbian. “If the good people of Washington knew they were surrounded by good Christian people” who are gay and lesbian, “I think some things would change,” she said. “It is incumbent upon us to be more visible. We really are just like you.”

The article contains commentary on both sides of the issue, and as Randy said, there are lots of reader comments, many supportive — but there are Freeper-level-worthy unhinged bleatings like these as well (it’s over 170 comments now):

Comment by Scott – July 27, 2006 @ 11:42 AM
I wish the gay people would go back in the closet or get help as thats what they need. I am sick of whats going on, and I am sure that there are millions of others like me that wish the gays would stay out of government positions. The way things are going it looks like the gays are taking over and that is SICK! Please vote them out of office and keep them out! As that is the right thing to do.

Comment by Bruce – July 27, 2006 @ 11:55 AM
Gays have equal rights to marry since they can choice to marry anyone of the opposite sex. Granting special rights is all they are looking for and if they don’t get it they scream . Being gay is a choice and proven by medical science since there NEVER have been a study that has proved a genetic link. I love the Dallas Cowboys and that is my CHOICE, should I get a special right for that?!

Comment by Tired of it all – July 27, 2006 @ 12:06 PM
I am tired of hearing about other peoples sexual orientation, why is this always in the headlines?? I dont care who you are sleeping with, but I am on a need to know basis & thats one thing I dont need to know. You dont ever see heteros going around claiming their “pride” or having parades, or being all loud about who or what they have sex with. You dont see them trying to go political to make sure homosexuals are “kept in the closet”. If you live an “alternative” life, meaning that which is not the majority, then expect “alternative” rules. Sleep with who you want, just please quit talking about it. Keep your bedroom door shut, so to speak.

Comment by Jon – July 27, 2006 @ 12:13 PM
If you know someone that is gay, please let them know they can get help. I had a friend help me get the help I needed to get out of that sick way of life and I am now the proud father of two boys. I promise you I will be telling my story with them. Please if you are gay get the help you need to live a straight life.

Comment by A Mom – July 27, 2006 @ 01:09 PM
I’m sick of people saying being gay is not a choice. I can see how you who are gay would believe that, because you have these “feelings” in which seem natural, and uncontrollable. Well, pedophiles have certain attractions and impulses, so does that make it o.k. to be a pedophile? Or how about a murderer, or shoplifter? Not all “feelings” are normal, and should not all be acted on. I believe gay people are victims of something that happened to them in child hood, or poor relationship with same sex parent. It’s unfortunate, but it does not mean we have to accept it in the mainstream. If gay marriage becomes legal, they’ll have to teach it to our kids in public school. Can you imagine what “sex education” would include? I don’t care what people do in their bedroom, but leave the rest of us out of it.

Comment by Please – July 27, 2006 @ 01:12 PM
Please all you gay people, just stay in the closet and lock it forever or get the help YOU NEED!!! You are very sick people.

Comment by earl – July 27, 2006 @ 02:18 PM
damn! the homos are just as angry as the muslims! both are supposed to be peaceloving folks but all i see is a bunch of hatred and discontent. tell you what “homo” people John Kerry welcomes people like you in Mass. if you all leave it could ease the traffic and housing burden that we in the NW are seeing. Portland legalized it for a couple of hours once so maybe go there and wait for it to happen again. Vancouver dosent need you and your terrorism. dont pollute our streets with your immoral behavior. the courts have ruled now either shut up and be quiet or go someplace where you are accepted and dont try to push your lifestyle on the rest of us.

I have to include this one sane comment:

Comment by Good Grief Charlie Brown – July 27, 2006 @ 09:31 PM
I can’t believe what has been written here on this subject. I have to ask, is there a truly educated person amongst any of you? What a bunch of sanctimonious dribble. Absolutely nothing of what I have read here shows a inkling of knowledge about religion or science. It would be nice to hear someone offer something of real value on the subject (other than the Mother from Vermont who spoke from the heart). And they say ignornace is Bliss, Yikes!! There should be a law against it! Nothing more dangerous than a closed mind. Vancouver, if these who have written here are representative of our citizens, we are in BIG TROUBLE.

Sick, cowardly commenters like these (hiding behind the anonymity of the Internet), are eager to usher gays back into the closet. This is exactly why more people need to come out, live their lives openly and show the people who can be reasoned with that there is no gay boogeyman. It’s the last thing the folks up there want to happen.

There is nothing to be gained by taking this setbacks in WA and NY as a sign to be quiet, to avoid talking about marriage equality (and other measures like ENDA) and wait patiently for either party (partcularly the Dems) to wake up and see this for the civil rights issue that it is. We have to engage in discussions, and bring straight allies into these conversations. We have to continue to make it clear to our alleged political allies that shutting up and waiting till they are in charge again is not an option, as the state amendments keep on churning and the Right keeps on beating the homo straw man, and ignorant peo
ple like these continue spouting nonsense.

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