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Hi folks. Was out most of the day, so apologies for the meager amount of posts.

It’s freaking hot here in Durham today; the humidity is oppressive. The sun was so blazing that when Kate and I were walking into Best Buy to window shop, the walk from the car to the store seemed like it took an eternity and we cooked along the way.

Anyway, I thought about all of you Blenders when we went into one of our local malls this evening; we came across one of those kiosks along the middle of the corridors, you know that sell tchotckes and random stuff, perfumes and homemade lotions and potions and what not. Usually on the weekends you have to dodge people trying to pimp a sample of a smoothie or come at you with an atomizer with some gawdawful fragrance. Kate gives them the f*ck off gesture if they get too close, lololol…

We came across this kiosk for Jeebus merchandise, and Kate got all excited about this freakshow, telling me to take snaps with my cell phone (inconspicuously, of course) of some of the unbelievable T-shirts for you all. Read and weep.

Want a Reese’s Jesus?

How about doin’ the Dew?

I want to toss back a nice cold one…

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding