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While Michael Schaivo was holding a press conference to remind everyone what a sanctimonious, meddling, holier-than-thou, politically opportunistic tin-eared prick Joe Lieberman was during the difficult last days of his wife’s life (YouTube above), Joe was touring Connecticut on a campaign bus.

Almost nobody showed up to meet Joe, so it must have been comforting to find that the Kiss Float was trailing him along the way.

The Kiss Float and the Lieberman parade caravaned from Naugutuck to Seymour to Ansonia.  While Joe would walk into diners that were virtually empty, the Kiss float provided a wonderful distraction for bored journalists who otherwise would’ve had precious little to cover.

As TrueBlueCT says, "It was Photo op after photo op, but nobody’s turning out for him — no supporters whatsoever.  Why go around on this bus tour if he’s not going to connect with the people?"  (Although former congressman Jim Maloney was one of the 11 or so people who turned up the entire day to pay homage to Holy Joe.  Nice to see someone besides Bubba isn’t afraid to coat their political career with LieberCooties.)


Speaking of Bubba, Lieberman staffer Marion Slimefels was passing out big bags of "hug" buttons showing a precious moment between Lieberman and Clinton, reminding everyone that Joe’s favorite position is always playing the Little Woman to men more powerful than he is.  Then someone noticed that the buttons didin’t have the union bug, and the campaign people quickly began denying they had anything to do with them.  My that AFL-CIO endorement from Little Jimmy Olsen, Cub Labor Leader sure is starting to lose its luster.

At "Bar" Pizza one of the few people who showed up spontanously chewed out Joe over the war.  This tour is supposed to last through the week.  Wonder if Holy Joe’s sense of entitlement can carrying him through such a sea of apathy on the part of the little people?


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