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There were not, as stated in the previous post, 11 people who attended the three Lieberman events today.  I am now told there were a total of 7, and all of them turned up to one event — the other two were empty.

Meanwhile Ned attended the Glastonbury Irish Festival tonight and was treated like a rock star when he walked through the crowd. Black 47 is playing later and I’m a bit bummed I will miss them, but Matt Stoller is arriving in a bit to stay for the duration and I’m doing Late Nite.   But one night in won’t kill me — the energy surrounding the campaign is electric, we get together all the time and you never know who’s going to show up.  Tomorrow night we’ll be at The Temptations on the Green and afterwards enjoying the fine food and drink to be had in the City of New Haven while Pach holds down the Late Nite fort here.  

If the rain cooperates the Kiss Float I am told is a big fan of the Temptations and will be showing up at the Green.  Today the Kiss Float met the Joe Lieberman No Tomorrows Bus.  Talk about over-estimating your needs.

Stoller just pulled up, gotta go introduce him to the dogs… 

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