¿Dónde está la casa de Michelle Malkin?

I have come to fill the buns that American hot dogs won’t fill

Michelle Malkin is only one woman, a petty immature rageaholic woman, but one woman nonetheless, so it is not surprising that, at a time that she absolutely swamped protecting us from Cindy Sheehan, Hezbollah, photographers who make babies cry, as well as taking a brief timeout to shake her Lil’Tyke’s tambourine in a music video, well, that things would take a turn for the worse at the border and giant mutant Mexiricans would just start waltzing into our country without a care in the world.

This wouldn’t have happened if Chris Simcox hadn’t blown all of the Minuteman money on copies of the F-Troop Season One DVD collection to be used as training videos.

I also blame Norman Mineta.

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