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A Focus on the Anus article featured quotes on the $250K Marriage Matters ad campaign from a couple of familiar names (h/t Blender Kevin):

“This is the soft image of the gay movement. They do these warm and cuddly ads to try to win support. We’ve seen the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force equate firmly held religious convictions with hate and bigotry.”
— Peter LaBarbera, seemingly unaware of the old saw when it comes to his crowd, “if the shoe fits…”

[BTW, Peter showed up at Steamworks in Chicago to “do outreach” during the Gay Games accompanied by an armed bodyguard. GLN has pix.]

“I think their long-term goal is to portray themselves as equals, as people who are the same as heterosexuals, that their lifestyle is just as legitimate as heterosexuality…We have to fight to protect marriage because marriage is best for children. As Christians we need to respond in love, respond with respect towards people with different opinions from us, but be unwaivered in our pursuit to protect kids and protect marriage.”
— “former homosexual” and head of Exodus International, Alan Chambers

Daniel at Ex-Gay Watch has the audio.

And how about this tidbit on the moral high ground, about another “ex-gay” for pay, Focus on the Anus’s Mike Haley, from Wayne Besen.

Denver Post columnist Cindy Rodriguez has revealed that before Haley was a holy-roller, he was a hooker:

During his gay years, he had a series of relationships with men. He even got arrested for prostitution. (He says he wanted to see how much someone was willing to pay for him.)

Yeah, right and he didn’t inhale. He was simply doing research on how much his booty could fetch and had the misfortune of getting busted on his first sexcapade. Sure, we believe you, Mike.

The truth is, Focus on the Family has long used “experts” on gay life that lack credibility and are not qualified to talk about anything, really. One wonders if they troll gutters behind gay bars looking for fall-down drunks and street walkers that they can convert with the help of big fat paychecks?

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