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Video: reporter 'comes on' to one of the Phelps drones

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This comes to us from Wayne via Mike Tidmus.

You have to click over to this hilarious interview with one of the Phelps’ homohaters, Fred Phelps Jr., by Firth in the USA, an Australian reporter who came to a Greensboro Westboro “crusade,” as the “church” refers to their protests.

The most entertaining part of the video is when the reporter starts singing praises about the Phelps drone’s posterior, and starts stroking his shoulder – that sends the “Christian” running for cover. The Phelps Klan starts screaming “get away from him, you pervert!”

Mike added this comment at his pad:

Viewers of these videos are beseeched to muster some sincere sympathy for Sister-in-Christ Shirley Phelps-Roper. It’s not a widely known fact that a house recently fell on her sister, and tragedy struck again, while Shirley was witnessing for the lord in her own inimitable way at a deceased American serviceman’s funeral, when her much-loved ruby-red Prada slippers were stolen from her luxuriously appointed, double-wide, make-up trailer. And I pray, in a purely secular way of course, that you all pay no heed to those rumors about Sister Shirley downing her methadone with a mix of Red Bull and vodka. They are false, utterly false, and may Satan strike you dead if you repeat them!

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