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Senator Lieberman Snubs the Press


(Please welcome Connecticut blogger Spazeboy, who will be guest posting about the Lamont/Lieberman race from a local perspective — JH)

Maura, good friend of both Spazeboy and Firedoglake, brought this line from an article in today’s NYTimes to my attention:

In general, the senator has avoided speaking about foreign policy on the campaign trail. His campaign did not make him available for an interview for this article.

I found it more than a little curious that Senator Lieberman would hold the highly regarded and much respected New York Times at arm’s length. It seems to me as though he treats the local press in much the same way, either declining to comment or just changing the subject.

Well, I live in Connecticut, I’m a registered Democrat and I think that Senator Lieberman should answer questions about issues that are important to his constituents. Senator Lieberman is not merely a Democratic Connecticut for Lieberman Candidate for U.S. Senate, he is first and foremost a sitting United States Senator. I believe that he has an obligation to serve and answer his constituents in Connecticut. He is most certainly not exempt from answering questions about foreign policy, or any other important issue such as healthcare or education.

It’s unclear to me whether questions about the issues simply are not being asked, whether they are being ignored by the Senator, or whether questions about actual issues (maybe the war that’s going on?) are being blocked by Marion Steinfels. In today’s Hartford Courant, Mark Pazniokas writes about both candidates’ focus on turning out voters for the August 8 primary, then takes a sharp right turn:

Meanwhile, the Lieberman campaign declined to comment on whether Lamont’s use of $3 million in personal funds has made Lieberman eligible for extra donations – up to an additional $4,200 – from each of the campaign donors who already have given him the maximum $2,100 allowed by law for the primary.

Excuse me please, but where the hell did that come from?

Mr. Pazniokas and all other political reporters, please take this constructive criticism in the good spirit in which it is given: When it’s necessary to write that the Lieberman campaign declines to comment on something, please write about how Senator Lieberman refuses to answer questions about Iraq–or even mention the issue that is most important to Democrats on his website and other campaign materials. I think that your readers and the voters of Connecticut are far more interested in Senator Lieberman’s refusal to speak about the issues of the day than in his refusal to comment on fundraising law.

Joe Lieberman is not only snubbing bloggers who attend (or try to attend) his publicly announced and public events, but he’s snubbing the local press–bigtime. It’s up to the reporters in Connecticut whether they want to play Lieberman’s game. It’s up to reporters in Connecticut whether Marion Steinfels is the be-all, end-all gatekeeper to Senator Lieberman who gets to screen all of the questions that he’ll be asked to answer.

Read the article in today’s Courant, and you’ll notice what I noticed–no quote from Senator Lieberman is included. Clearly, playing games with Marion Steinfels isn’t getting anyone access to the Senator.

(YouTube Video by CTBob about the cheesiest robo call ever

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