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Q of the day – game plan

This Q comes from freedomboy in the comments thread on the Washington state marriage ruling.

What is the plan for election day on this site? How can we use the tools of instant e-mail lists for alerts, how can we be better voter promoters? Where does some kind of extended buddy system thinking come into the equation for making sure the polls are well attended??


There are several amendment measures out there to monitor, for instance.

Just my two cents, but blog/community platforms like Scoop or Soapblox (which DKos and My Left Wing run on) excel at this kind of stuff, because you have the ability for hundreds/thousands of people to register and post diaries, and therefore can function as local “correspondents” on simultaneous efforts, organize, provide updates.

How do you keep the info flowing? I’m only a part-time blogger, so the Blend won’t be the place for the latest or most in-depth news on election activism.

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