It’s the end of the world as we know it,
and we can’t wait

I’ve got two tickets to paradise.
Won’t you hang yourself for me tonight

Borrowing a term from Our Beloved Leader, I think the proper name for these people should be suiciders. If they really want to see Jesus in the very near future, might I recommend setting up an appointment with Mr. Rope and Mr. Stout Overhead Beam and leaving us the hell out of it. Just take that last step off of the chair and then you can see if you were right…or you were wrong. Either way, it’s gonna be a lot more peaceful for one of us.

So you folks can go on ahead and kill yourselves. Take a walk with Jesus and bask in His heavenly glory or whatever it is you plan on doing for eternity. The rest of us want to see our kids grow up, we want to grow old together, we want to watch a few more sunsets, and maybe do a few things that aren’t in Bible.

Don’t worry about us, we’ll be fine. We promise.

As God is our witness…

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