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Those crazy, swingin' hets

I actually had this post queued up to run a couple of days ago and forgot to release it. Reading it now, after the Washington ruling, it definitely has bitter irony attached to it.

Those judges told me today that marriage is all about procreation, right?


Paul wrote this tongue-in-cheek note when he sent this link in: “It’s OK. They are straight and married.”

When I read stuff like this, I want to know why Peter LaBarbera and his friends don’t fly out to Vegas to see all of this debauchery and talk about safe sex and sinful behaviors to this crowd. I know, he’d rather slap on the leather chaps or head down to the local bathhouse.

Vera Rhodes has come a long way from her conservative upbringing in Pennsylvania’s Amish community.

There she was a virgin until she married at age 30. Now, she is an enthusiastic 54-year-old member of the millions-strong “swinging” community who speaks openly of her encounters with multiple sexual partners.

“Last night it was really special,” said Rhodes, who is divorced and makes a living giving massages in the Midwestern state of Iowa. “There was a couple from Mexico, a couple from Virginia and a couple from Ireland, from Australia.”

“I like to participate in life as much as possible,” she said with a broad smile.

Rhodes was among some 3,000 people gathered on Saturday at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas for the annual Lifestyles conference, a five-day, $700-per-couple event that offers a mix of seminars, socializing and sex.

Early on Saturday, Rhodes was back for more, joining the action in a suite where more than a dozen couples were having sex.

The conference organizer, Robert McGinley, 72, president of The Lifestyles Organization, estimates that there are 3 million swingers in the United States alone. He founded his group in 1969 and began holding the annual conferences in the 1970s.

To each their own, of course, but if I were these folks, I’d be looking in the rear view mirror, because they are next on the fundies’ list of groups that need to be cured, controlled, or tossed in the clink.

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