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Skippy Calls Bubba


Skippy was very upset that Bill Clinton allowed Holy Joe to chuck Spazeboy and myself out of his appearance in Waterbury on Monday. Skippy is my friend and quite a gallant fellow, I must say.  He left this message for Big Dog:

hello president clinton, my name is skippy the bush kangaroo, i voted for you both times when you ran for president.

i’m calling to tell you how disappointed i am that you chose to associate yourself with joe lieberman by campaigning for him yesterday. now i am not referring to his policies, but rather to the fact that his staff refused entrance to two registered democrats who had legitimate tickets to hear you speak, one of whom was a connecticut resident. their names are jane hamsher and spazeboy and they wanted very much to hear what you had to say.

while they are both active in the campaign to elect ned lamont, neither has ever disrupted a lieberman event, heckled a lieberman speech or in anyway caused problems. but since they are known to be the opposition they were excluded from seeing you and hearing your speech.

At which point Bubba’s machine hung up, but I doubt it was personal. Skippy is quite polite, all the machines say so.  So he called back:

hello, president clinton, this is skippy again, calling about jane hamsher and spazeboy getting ejected from your speech for joe lieberman yesterday.

is this what the democratic party has come down to? refusing entry to a public event to citizens that happen to disagree with those in charge? that’s something that george w. bush has done throughout his administration, and there are numerous instances of people even going to jail for simply wearing an opposition button or tee shirt.

this kind of fascism is not the democratic party i know. for you to be associated with this kind of elitist exclusivity not only does not reflect well on you, but will ultimately not reflect well on your wife, sen. clinton, should she want to obtain any higher office.

I just want to add that if Bubba wants to call me and let me know he’s sorry, I’d love to talk to him.  I’m sure I speak for Spazeboy here as well, Holy Joe isn’t exactly a party and we’d be happy to show him the livelier side of Connecticut.  

Meanwhile, Mad Kane is writing poetry, "No Liebe for Lieberman:"

Joe Lieberman thinks he’s entitled
To votes and devotion unbridled.
But a GOP whore,
Who’s still wrong on the war,
Has to forfeit his Senator title.

And the General busies himself making fabulous graphics (above) for Joey Short Ride.  Because we believe in hearing from all sides at FDL, don’t you know.

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