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And Now A Word About Scorecards


Last night there was a fundraiser by Connecticut Choice Voice and NOW for Ned Lamont.  Connecticut Choice Voice is composed of leaders of the reproductive rights groups of Connecticut and includes Carolyn Treiss, head of CT-NARAL.  Susan Yelon, head of Planned Parenthood-CT, along with Treiss, also voted as a delegate for Lamont at the Democratic Convention in May.

Nobody ever mentions this disconnect when they write about the endorsements given by the national arms of NARAL and PP to Lieberman.  Instead, they let professional out-of-state LieberLiar Sean Smith get away with parotting nonsense about Lieberman’s 95% scorecard rating from NARAL as if that actually meant something.  I had coffee with the fabulous CTBob this morning (whose Maura/Boxer video has now had over 40,000 page views on YouTube), one of the most passionate pro-chioce supporters I know — male or female.  And I’m reminded of a telling comment Bob left here a while back:

I called Planned Parenthood and spoke to their media person a few weeks ago; I forget her name, but she was very firm in her support of their decision to endorse Joe Lieberman. She admitted that the “report card” on voting records of politicians is somewhat flawed, but they didn’t have any other way of rating a politician.

I asked her if Lieberman’s vote against confirming Judge Alito was considered a good thing on their report card, and she agreed that it was. When I explained that Lieberman’s REAL vote on Alito was the vote for cloture, she claimed that there wasn’t any way to figure that into the equation.

I can take care of this little problem.  You add another box to the bottom of your form and then you check it.  Then send me your fucking Kinko’s bill.

Yes, I’m that generous. 

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