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The Hill's 50 most beautiful

All I can say is that most of the guys on The Hill‘s 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill list set off my gaydar. You take a look and decide.

Most of the gals are from from the same DC thin, long straight hair, pale cookie cutter, but I wasn’t surprised at that. Surely Santorum’s out gay communications director should have made the cut.

BTW, House Majority Leader, Rethug John Boehner of Ohio managed to make the list, with this description:

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“John Boehner is the Tan Man,” The Cincinnati Post wrote breathlessly last March, putting the House’s second in command and the teenage starlet in rare company as celebrities who endure constant scrutiny for their golden glow.

Boehner has earned accolades for more than just his beachside – or, perhaps, golf-course-side – skin color, with Fox News Channel’s Brit Hume hailing the leader’s “deep, booming voice” and one female conservative columnist swooning over his “electric blue eyes that can trump actor Paul Newman’s.”


Poor Shakes Sis (who gets the hat tip) — her favorite political sex god, the Tyrannosaurus of Turpitude, Denny Hastert, didn’t make the cut.


Completely frivolous, shallow Q of the day:
Are there any pols who are really easy on the eyes?

[We’ll disqualify S.F. Mayor Gavin Newsom since he would be on almost everyone‘s list.]


The one thing I recall about my visit to DC a couple of months ago (to do the SLDN dinner liveblog) — was that it seemed like the town is crawling with gay boys — I saw then in couples, solo, in suits, running gear, all just way out and about. There was a severe lack of dyke visibility on my walk around town, or maybe I was just in the wrong neighborhood, lol.

How on earth can so much homobigotry on the Hill exist when there is a bumper crop of gay energy all over? Oh yes, it’s the hypocrisy, stupid.

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