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Spazeboy and Me Get Chucked By Holy Joe, Bush-Style

I drove all the way up to Waterbury yesterday excited about the prospect of seeing Bill Clinton speak.  Whatever one may think of Bill, his politics and his legacy, his defiance in the face of the right-wing hate machine onslaught are inspirational.  His 1999 SOTU speech was a thing to behold.

Spazeboy and I both had legitimate tickets, and were both given the heave-ho, recognized by Lieberman staffers we had encountered when we accompanied the Kiss Float to other canned events for Holy Joe.  Spazeboy has his version of events here.  Joe has evidently been picking up pointers from his kissin’ cousin George Bush on how to host a public appearance, because the same goons who nearly made the brave camera-weilding Connecticut Bob soil himself yesterday were in full force at the Bubba bash.  Lieberman’s float-o-phobia is getting acute.

There were speakers that broadcast Clinton’s speech into the street in the poor Waterbury neighborhood but they wouldn’t let you stand close enough to hear them — when we tried we were quickly forced back into the "Free Speech Zone" at the end of the street.  In the brief bit of Holy Joe’s whiny pitch we managed to catch he quite predictably lied, pretending he was boldly challenging the Bush Administration on global warming.  How he did this as the only New England Senator to vote for the Bush/Cheney energy bill he did not explain. 

Spazeboy will be on Colin McEnroe’s show at 5:40 pm EDT today talking about our Bushian ejection experience.  You can listen live here

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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