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From Holy Joe’s speech yesterday :

"I looked around the hall, and it seems to me that my opponent in the Democratic primary has not made it here tonight," Lieberman said. "But I tell you, if he were here, he’d be a bit confused because of the company I am keeping up on this stage."

Ned Lamont was not invited to the event.

Conspicuously absent from the stage were Dannel P. Malloy and John DeStefano Jr., the two mayors competing for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination on Aug. 8. Neither can afford to offend Lamont’s supporters.

One DeStefano supporter said of the New Haven mayor’s absence, "There is zero upside to be on that stage." Malloy did arrive late, but stayed off the stage, one campaign aide said.

No shit.

Left unsaid by all speakers was that Lieberman is hedging his bets: As he campaigns for the Democratic nomination, he also is circulating petitions to run as an independent in November, should he lose the primary.

Except there is no evidence that Lieberman is publicly circulating petitions.  Is he getting party pressure to stop splitting the party and abandon the indy run, or is the prospect  of doing so just too humiliating, hopeless and embarassing?  As Digby notes, this is a guy who at one point thought he could secure both the Democratic and Republican slots on the ticket. 

The dissociation from reality is staggaring.

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