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Maxine Waters Shows Up to Fight

Maxine Waters is the head of the "Out of Iraq" caucus in the House and she knows how to show up for what she believes in.  CTBlogger put together a great clip of Maxine’s weekend stumping for Ned, this despite being injured in a car accident on Saturday in the rain (we’re very happy that she, our own Matt Browner-Hamlin and the BBC’s James Rogan all walked away from a vehicle that did not fare so well).  Maxine and Marcy Kaptur defied the incumbency protection racket to come and campaign on principle and their passion is evident in the piece.  State rep. Peter Tercyak, who has taken time off as a nurse to work full time on the Lamont campaign, also has some good moments.  

CTBlogger also has a very good piece on his history of covering the Lamont campaign and his own development as a video blogger.  Highly recommended. 

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