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Feeble challenge to the church bigots

It seems like Sully just noticed the slow response of white gay activists and politicians to stand up to the bigotry of homophobic, influential black pastors that has lead to the significant rise in HIV/AIDS in the black community. I’d add to that the pretty feeble response of many black politicians to do the same.

There’s certainly not a lack of news about those pastors, huh? There’s no alternate framing being proposed on the part of establishment equality organizations, and black gays and lesbians continue to be demonized from the pulpit, driving them further into the closet.

Meanwhile, the GOP and the evangelicals continue their attempt to foster relationships with these churches based on opposition to marriage equality. The efforts on the political front by Mehlman haven’t gone anywhere in terms of changing voting patterns (thanks to an administration that has proven itself no friend of minorities), but you often see common ground between black and white churches on state marriage amendments.

Is there any political will to take these bigoted black churches on?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding