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I’m on my way up to Waterbury to see Bubba stump for Lieberman, but in the meantime I invite you to join  in the favorite inside baseball speculation game on the Lamont/Lieberman race here in CT:  Why is Bill Clinton coming to Waterbury today to stump for Joey "Short Ride" Lieberman?

Nobody knows, but all are guessing:

1.  Hillary is afraid that if the marauding left is successful at defeating Lieberman, she’ll get caught in the anti-war wake so she dispatched Bill.  Stemming the tide of the radical left (60% of the country) who are dissatisfied with the war is more important to the stand-for-nothings centrists than any animosity they might feel toward Lieberman for killing HillaryCare or siding with the GOP in their humiliating impeachment hijinks in the 90s (refresh your memory with YouTube above). (Colin McEnroe and Lowell Weicker favor this one, as does Maxine Waters)

2.  Hillary’s big New York money is the same as Lieberman’s big New York money and they leaned on her hard to support Joe.  Rather than alienate the liberal terrorists and jeopardize 2008, she sent Bill.  (Leading Connecticut Dem)

3.  Bill and Hillary are now one person who have the abililty to act as two.  Hillary can appease the angry left by saying she’ll support the winner of the Democratic primary, and Bill can salve the Lieberman crowd.  Have it both ways, baby.  (Digby)

4.  Bill is an adult child of an alcoholic who just wants to be loved (Gilliard).

5.  It’s all Bill’s idea, he loves Joe and wouldn’t be anywhere other than by his side during campaign season.  They’ve always been close, you know. (Joe Lieberman)

It’s hard to say whether Clinton’s presence will help or hurt Lieberman.  His political tin ear has done as much as anything to make this a horse race.  Bubba may help with those "low information voters" that Holy Joe’s campaign manager Sean Smith specializes in, but those likely to vote in an August primary — committed Democrats who actually pay atention to politics — may just find his presence a reminder of the giant knife Lieberman planted in the party’s back in the 90s.  

It’s an enormous risk, but at this point Joey Short Ride has little to lose. 

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