What we write about when we write about writing

A transmission from Planet Althouse:

I want to like novelists. Really, I do. For example, T.C. Boyle. I read him sometimes. That is to say: I subordinate my mind to his and let his thoughts become my thoughts. But then I read quotes like this, and it sets me to wondering all over again about this practice of reading novels. They’re written by novelists, you know.

ADDED: Roy thinks I’m objecting to Boyle’s politics. He specializes in calling me an idiot, in numerous posts, but he never seems to begin to understand my writing. Here, he comes to the defense of writers. But do writers even want to be defended by a man who is such a poor reader?

You can have your own fun by connecting the dots between “They’re written by novelists, you know” and “…he never seems to begin to understand my writing“. Me? I’m just glad to see that Ann, who once annointed me ” …a somewhat popular blogger“, has bestowed upon Roy the title of “…specializes in calling me an idiot.

If I were Roy, not only would I be putting that on my resume, I’d be looking into having it screened on t-shirts.

And book bags.

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