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(Update:  per CTBob in the comments, The Boxer events tomorrow are at 10:45 am, Sweet Rexie’s, 136 Washington St., Norwalk; 11:45 a.m. at the home of Sandy and Bob Goldstien, 86 Branes Rd., Stamford.)

.  Congresswomen Marcy Kaptur and Maxine Waters campaigned yesterday for Ned Lamont.  It was exceptionally brave to buck the party and do so, though yesterday’s Rasmussen results indicate the decision might be quite politically pragmatic (YouTube above by CTBlogger).  Introducing her is state rep. Peter Tercyak who jammed last night with his band comprised of other state reps. Chris Donovan, Ken Hewitt and Andy Woodcock called — yes — "The Bad Reps" at the Quality Time Cafe in Meriden.  Lemme tell you, you haven’t lived until you’ve heard the CT house majority leader belt out "I Wanna Be Sedated."  

.  Barbara Boxer, on the other hand, is attempting to sneak into Connecticut on the same day that Bill Clinton is, hoping he’ll draw all the fire and she will escape attention.  Think again, Barbara.

From the Stamford Advocate:

Both Democratic candidates will be in Waterbury tomorrow, with Lieberman joining Clinton for a rally at the Palace Theater and Lamont meeting with supporters at a local restaurant. Boxer, popular with liberals and women’s groups, will campaign with Lieberman early tomorrow at a candy store in South Norwalk and at a fundraiser at a Stamford resident’s home.

The "fundraiser at a Stamford resident’s home" is obviously one of those famous canned Lieberman afraid-of-his-own-constituents events, but if I were a betting woman I’d say local residents are correct and the candy store is Sweet Rexie’s.  If it is, I think she can count on seeing just how popular she is with liberals and women’s groups on YouTube shortly thereafter.

Colin McEnroe

For decades, Joe Lieberman has been one of the most reliably boring human beings on the face of God’s earth, speaking monotonously about how we were all having way too much fun playing games such as "Grand Theft Auto VI: Shoot Jessica Simpson and Take Her Lexus" and listening to Snoop Dogg CDs such as "I Just Called to Say I Love You, So Let’s Shoot Jessica Simpson and Take Her Lexus."

Recently, though, he has been not so boring and even borderline interesting, making out with the president at the State of the Union Address and professing his love for Condoleezza Rice, an African-American woman half his age. If this trend continues, six years from now he will be covering his naked body with chicken fat and trampolining on Oprah’s couch while he screams about his desire for Anne Coulter. We don’t want to be there for that.

Okay, where’s the bleach…

.  If you wanted to see Joe and Big Dog at their canned event in Waterbury tomorrow, you had to provide your social security number as identification.  Biggest yuck of the day has to be Matt Smith talking about how Joe is beloved by his constituents.  It doesn’t seem to be a two-way street…. 

.  While Holy Joe is preening about media transparency, he’s steadfastly avoiding conflict-of-interest inquiries from the press about Mrs. Lieberman.  Kevin Rennie in the Hartford Courant:

This revelatory primary campaign will grow rougher in the next two weeks. The Lieberman campaign wants to pose, but declines to answer, uncomfortable questions. For example, why was Lieberman’s wife, Hadassah, working at Hill & Knowlton in 2005? She is no longer with the lobbying public relations powerhouse, but for a while she served as a senior counselor there on health care issues.

What clients she advised is a well-guarded secret. My attempts to find out specifics went unanswered this past spring and again this past week. The New York Observer picked up a thread of the story in a devastating column earlier this month on Hill & Knowlton’s clients and Sen. Lieberman’s cozy relationship with the pharmaceutical industry. (The firm has also represented Enron and the Saudis.)

These sorts of employment and political relationships are common in  Washington families, but they can cause questions at home when you are in a primary battle. The campaign declined to answer how the Liebermans guarded against conflicts of interests in their jobs

Given how badly local media got suckered by Lieberman into promoting the non-story about Ned’s Halliburton stock (which Holy Joe also owns), you think out of pride alone they’d all be following up on this stuff.  We’ll be watching to see who’s naughty and nice; the one-sidedness of this coverage, and the mindless xeroxing of Holy Joe’s press releases, is getting a bit old. 

Norwich Bulletin:

Our modern-day version of Mr. Smith goes to Washington is a capable and genial fellow who holds his ground without stooping to the base level of the other guy. When the other guy tried to denigrate Lamont for being a rich white boy, Lamont responded with a self-deprecating ad in which his family made fun of him. Toward the conclusion of the ad, Lamont steered the discussion back to a real issue, saying: Let’s both support the winner of the Aug. 8 Democratic primary.

The effectiveness of the Hillsman karaoke ad and Ned’s affable, dorky keyboard performance in Willimatic on Thursday is going to make going even more negative one hell of an uphill hump for out-of-towners Marian Steinfels and Sean Smith.  BTW, what is it about Holy Joe that he’s always got some angry, repressed, badgering little woman running his show?  Must be a character tic.    

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