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For the week ending 7/22/06:

Y’know, as far as weeks go, this one was jacked up in so many ways that I’m having a hard time re-establishing my equilibrium.  Most days, I can wrap my brain around the "ha ha, look at Bush taking us into another war for no apparent reason other than the fulfillment of his own Oedipal and homicidal fantasies (detonated frogs’ legs, anyone?)," but this week, BushCo. put on such a massive, blinding laser light show of ineptitude that by Friday, I felt as chafed and useless as Rush Limbaugh’s angry inch.  From his Carrot Top-worthy G8 performance to his "Snowflake Babies on Parade" to his grudging, wafer-thin acknowledgement of the NAACP’s existence to his "lazy fair" response to the Israel-Lebanon conflict, Bush has progressed beyond social spasticity right into political paraparesis. 

The Rude Pundit sums it up best:

So we’ve finally come full circle in the presidency of George W. Bush, back to those heady pre-9/11 days, and just five murderous years later. Remember that summer beforeeverythingchanged? God, it was fun. When his job approval ratings hovered ominously near 50 percent and trending downward. When Comedy Central could have an entire show dedicated to mocking him (and it wasn’t The Daily Show). When the issue of the day that Bush was considering with all the thinkin’ his head could manage was stem cell research.

And TBogg notes: Having been proven completely wrong about Iraq where "freedom on the march" made a quick right onto "anarchy in the streets", George Bush now wants to swat a hornets nest just to see what happens.

God help us all and fasten your seatbelts.

Bring It On! presents the ABC’s of Bush for those of you who’ve been in an artificially induced coma or wandering aimlessly around the rings of Saturn for the past 5 plus years.  Now you can get up to speed on these new geopolitical developments.

Some people (read: Bill Kristol) are sporting major wood over our proxy war with Iran.  Driftglass provides, at no charge, a session with a shrink for the warmongering fuckwits who are sending Kleenex and Jergens sales through the roof, thanks to this latest clusterfuck in the ME. 

Oh, I know you’re all heartbroken to learn that Pam of Atlas Shrugged had to cancel her trip to Israel where she was going to have in-depth interviews with important Israelis and provide more of her "war coverage."  I wonder if they make straightjackets with D-cups. Roy at alicublog reviews the reactions of the other right wingers who bravely report from "the front lines of the war on terror."

Stranger over at Blah^3 scratches his head in puzzlement over the excuses provided on why it took so long to get American citizens in Lebanon out of the way of American bombs. Gavin M. at Sadly, No! provides us with screen caps of this online game of "Risk – The Middle East."

Digby makes an excellent point.  Where the hell is Man Hands Hughes?  You know, the Svengali of Publicity who was going to work her special magic in the Middle East? Things seem awfully quiet in the offices of the Undersecretary for Squashing Terrified Arab Children to My Heaving Bosom.

And heaven forfend we infect Bubble Boy’s world with the bacteria of truth.  BooMan has a go at John "I (Heart) Dead Nuns!" Negroponte’s ill-fitting role as overprotective mother. 

And while we’re helping Israel bomb the living shit out of Lebanon, Bush is extolling the sanctity of life at home.  No, not too schizophrenic.  Charlie Pierce opens a can of serious whup-ass on the sanctimonious hypocrites who condemn stem-cell research.

Crooks & Liars gives us the video version, Jon Stewart’s scathingly funny smackdown of Senator Brownback & Company.  And Jesus’ General provides some marketing tips for Senator Brownback in his quest to eradicate any hope for a cure for a vast array of diseases. 

The Rude Pundit savages Bush’s anemic, grade-school speech before the NAACP.  "Why, did you know you people were black?" Hey, some of Bush’s best friends are black, notes Quiddity.

And then Bush has the audacity to slap a black politician in the face.  Coming on the heels of the Grope Felt ‘Round the World, it had Holden and others wondering whether Bush has any cylinders left on which to fire.

And these posts just made me laugh out loud: 

Courtesy of I Blame the Patriarchy, one of the funnier things I’ve seen all week, outside of the slo-mo footage of Bush talking with his mouth full of buttered roll. Who says the Germans don’t have a sense of humor? Needlenose finds that German propaganda has changed considerably over the past  60 years.   It’s  . . .  ironic, even.

Bitch, Ph.D. has found proof that we are direct descendants from gibbons.  At least, Bush’s behavior certainly signals that.

The Editors link to some hysterical cat videos. Pay special attention to the third one.  I, for one, welcome our new feline overlords.

The World O’ Crap has exclusive still footage of John Stossel’s wedding. 

Norbiz has a weekly summary of idiot commentary on the left blogosphere.  I love the caption.

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