When Miss Israel kicked Miss Lebanon’s ass….that rocked.

Get out the corndogs and Mr. Pibb! It’s time to
“unleash your enthusiam for the winner” if you know what I mean…

Just like the annual Sports Illustrated bathing-suit issue that no one bothers with anymore because Victoria’s Secret catalogs are free, Captain Corndog makes his annual return to blogging the Miss Universe pageant once again and gives us the inside scoop on how it should have gone down:

The initial impression is that this was an evening of upsets. A number of the betting favorites didn’t make the top twenty, while several underdogs broke through. The big shocker was that Miss Australia, the betting favorite just twenty-four hours ago and the contestant who accompanied Donald Trump on the David Letterman Show, didn’t make the cut. What a diss by Trump, who got to name five of the twenty finalists! No Miss Iceland, who made a late rush among bettors, either.

Another shocker was that Miss Sweden survived the National Costumes exhibition and made the cut-off. And Miss Sri Lanka didn’t make the cut, which took some of the fun out of it for me. But I was happy to see Miss Trinidad & Tobago, another of my favorites, in the finals.

Okay. It has to be said:

This is really really sad. What? Hinderaker has, like a Miss Universe betting pool at work and he’s laying down odds on Miss Trinidad? White bread lawyers are dropping big cash on Third World hoochie-mamas? I mean besides going on Neil Bush junkets.

Perhaps we should be glad that Miss Sri Lanka “didn’t make the cut”. Now another bottle of hand lotion has been spared a horrible and icky death.

(Just a note…when I go to the Powerline site for the post I get that hideous Vote for Ann Coulter ad which is a well-known antidote for a Cialis overdose)

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