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After we broke the story about Joe Lieberman having the same stock in Halliburton that he criticized Ned Lamont for owning, it seems the local Connecticut media followed up and is not too happy about being punk’d by Holy Joe’s out-of-state bagmen Marion Steinfels and Sean Smith:

Thumbs down to U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, D-Conn., and his campaign. The senator’s campaign staff recently released several ads critizing Lieberman’s Democratic primary opponent, anti-war businessman Ned Lamont, for owning shares of Halliburton, a company the government has awarded billions of dollars in Iraq war contracts to. Lieberman told the Connecticut Post editorial board last week that, "It’s important that apeople know where you get your income from." Lieberman should have taken his own advice. According to a news report in the Post Friday, it turns out the senator also owns shares in Halliburton. While his staff says that Lieberman was unaware he owned any Halliburton stock, it seems questionable that his campaign never raised the Halliburton issue without first checking Lieberman’s own stock holdings. Hopefully the senator’s campaign will exercise better discretion in the future.

Yes, this is indeed his big campaign issue, the one with which he hopes to unleash a torrent of public rage upon Ned Lamont. Lotsa luck, Joe. (hat tip Sue at MLN via LamontBlog, which has a good rundown of the contempt with which which the Lieberman campaign treat the press.)

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