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Bring out the tiny fiddle for Repent America

Boo-hoo, the whackjob fundies of Repent America got put in the paddy wagon for proselytizing at the Gay Games. As you might imagine, they are portraying themselves as harrassed Christians. Here’s the Wildmon “news organ” spin on the story. (AgapePress):

Volunteers with a Philadelphia-based Christian ministry claim they were harassed by authorities in Chicago, Illinois, for sharing the gospel with homosexuals who were in town for the city’s “Gay Games,” an Olympics-style sports event series for homosexuals. Three people with the evangelical group Repent America say they were handcuffed and arrested by Chicago police officers for passing out Christian literature to homosexuals and holding up signs with Bible verses near Navy Pier.

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The evangelists had been warned that they would be arrested if they were caught handing out literature outside of certain designated “free-speech zones.” But even after they moved across the street from Navy Pier as directed, the police returned and told the Christians they could not stay in that area and then arrested them.

Repent America filed an emergency motion for a temporary restraining order. Consequently, the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority — the government agency that runs Navy Pier — agreed to allow the Christian group to continue their activity there. However, Chicago attorney John Mauck says the arresting officers had made it clear, at least one of them in profane language, that Repent America’s message was not welcome.

It is not unusual, Mauck notes, for evangelical ministry workers and other believing individuals to encounter this kind of response. “There’s a level of antagonism among some people against the Christian message, that it’s politically incorrect or somehow insulting,” he says.

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