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Fundie: Wicca is demonic cult of rebellion

Have mercy, do these people realize how ridiculous they sound? Nevermind.

Tom McMahon is the president and executive director of The Berean Call, a ministry that encourages spiritual discernment among Christians. McMahon, co-author of The Seduction of Christianity, says Wicca is a pantheistic cult dedicated to the achievement of spiritual power through nature worship, spells, and rituals.

According to the ministry leader, Wicca is one of many such cults around the world — and they all have a common source. “They have a common denominator, they have a common idea — even their rituals are the same. Yet these people have never been connected to one another,” he comments. “There must be an intelligent source that promotes this throughout the world; and the scriptures call him the adversary, the god of this world. It’s really Satan.” McMahon says many teenagers — and even professing Christians — are drawn to Wicca because it offers power and has a rebellious aspect.

McMahon’s co-founder, Christian author Dave Hunt has gone off the deep end before, with his book (sold on the BC web site), Yoga and the Body of Christ. His thesis is that by relaxing and getting into a few poses, you’ll be taken over by demons — “you must always have your guru present when you get into this state of consciousness, because you could be taken over by some evil entity.”

He also has the latest information for true believers about the satanic nature of psychic powers.

A Christian author says that Christians have no right to make use of psychic powers. Dave Hunt, who co-leads The Berean Call ministry, says believers should have nothing to do with psychics or their powers. While acknowledging that many psychics are fake and use tricks to deceive clients, Hunt believes some psychics are used by demons to make destructive predictions.

He believes assassin Sirhan Sirhan, for example, had demonic psychic powers and predicted the day that Robert F. Kennedy died.

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