Except for that Civil Rights thingy…

George Bush, lying again:

“I come from a family committed to civil rights,” Bush said. “My faith tells me that we are all children of God — equally loved, equally cherished, equallyentitled to the rights He grants us all.

George H.W. Bush:

In 1964, Bush ran for the U.S. Senate. In the Republican primary, Bush ran first with 62,985 votes, but his total was 44.1 percent, not the required majority. He was thus forced into a runoff primary with Jack Cox, also of Houston, the 1962 Republican gubernatorial nominee, who had 45,561 votes (31.9 percent) in the primary. A third candidate, Robert Morris of Dallas, who had been a member of the Senate Internal Security Committee and an ardent constitutionalist and “cold warrior,” polled 28,279 ballots (19.8 percent).

Bush easily prevailed in the GOP runoff, with 49,751 (62.1 percent) to Cox’s 30,333 (37.9 percent). As the Republican nominee, Bush then aimed his campaign at the incumbent Democratic Senator Ralph Yarborough, making an issue of Yarborough’s support of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. At the time many Southern politicians (including the Republican Senator John Tower of Texas) opposed the legislation on constitutional or libertarian grounds.

Bush called Yarborough an “extremist” and a “left wing demagogue” while Yarborough said Bush was a “carpetbagger” trying to buy a Senate seat “just as they would buy a seat on the New York Stock Exchange.” Bush lost in a Democratic landslide but ran
considerably ahead of the GOP presidential nominee, Senator Barry M. Goldwater of Arizona.

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