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Radio show host suspended for homoasshattery

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“And I don’t mean gay fag, I just mean the way when you’re a sophomore, juvenile, in grammar school and somebody would say you’re like a sissy boy fag. I don’t mean gay fag. I mean like sissy boy. He’s a little sissy boy. Wife wears the pants.”
the wit and wisdom of WRKO (Boston) wannabe shock jock wannabe John DePetro, referring to Big Dig honcho Matt Amorello, who he called “Fag Matt” on the air.

WTF is this guy saying up there? Man, if you’re going to gay-bash on the air, at least be coherent.

Boston’s WRKO is an AM talk radio station, and it features the above intellectual heavyweight John DePetro along with your garden variety, popular right-wing hosts, including Viagra-Oxy Rush, Queen Drudge and that knobend Michael Savage.

In his zeal to lambast Matt Amorello, whose head is on the chopping block after last week’s Big Dig tunnel collapse/fracas, DePetro unleashed that verbal homobigot diarrhea over the airwaves.

But the radio host’s comments incensed gay advocates. “It’s extremely offensive. It’s childish. It’s incendiary,” said Emily Pitt, ofFenway Community Health.

“As far as I know, Matt Amorello is not a gay man, but even if he were, it’s just ridiculous,” said Pitt, who didn’t hear DePetro’s show but received e-mails about it.

“It’s pathetic,” added Massachusetts Sen. Jarrett T. Barrios (D-Cambridge), who is openly gay.

…DePetro, who is suspended and off the air today and tomorrow, did not return a call. It’s unclear whether he will be docked two days’ pay.

Ah, let the guy hang himself on the air. The ratings will tank and sponsors will pull out in that market.

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