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Joe Lieberman: “All Iraq All the Time”

Holy Joe may like to characterize Ned Lamont as a one-issue candidate, but as Ned says, Lieberman is the one who is "all Iraq, all the time."

Spazeboy, CTBlogger and I went to hear Ned speak last night at the home of Professor Judith Resnik, who testified before the Judiciary Committee regarding Alito’s confirmation.  Professor Resnik was gracious enough to open her home for the publicly announced event (as opposed to Joe, who seems to be avoiding any contact with his constituents which doesn’t come as a complete surprise to them).

Ned took a lot of questions from the people who showed up to hear him, and Spazeboy has an interesting clip from the event (above). From Ned’s perspective, it’s obviously not all about the war.

It’s about the environment:

Joe was the only Democrat in New England to support [the energy bill].  It was a bad bill…I think that after 9/11 our country was ready to make significant choices and real sacrifices and I think energy independence from foreign oil was at the top of the list of just about everybody.  That was the time for fuel economy standards, that was the time for conservation, that was the time to deal in a serious way with energy independence and the environment.  And we didn’t do that, we did just the opposite.  And I think Joe’s wrong on that.

It’s about executive overreach:

A guy named Russ Feingold stood up about four months ago and he said, look we ought to have hearings, and we’re going to determine whether these wiretaps with approval or without approval, without FISA approval, are legal.  The American Bar Association says it was illegal, Joe Lieberman says it was illegal, and I think it was illegal.  I think we should hold this President accountable for that.  If we don’t have the House and we don’t have the Senate, that being we Democrats, then maybe we should introduce a censure resolution.  Short and to the point, but a way to say we’re going to hold you accountable.

It was there that the Democrats in general, not just Joe Lieberman, walked away on Feingold.  And that surprised me a little bit.  

You know it was Joe that said, "look I don’t want to scold the President for what he’s done in the past.  Let’s look forward and change the law.  He was more than happy to scold Bill Clinton some time ago.  

Sure would be nice to give Feingold some help in the Senate in the fall.

Ned will personally match every contribution given today with his own money, so please consider contributing to his campaign via our Blue America ActBlue page.  Joe’s got the military industrial complex and Big Pharma at his back; if we want candidates like Ned taking a stand and running for office we need to show up and get Ned’s.

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