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Afternoon Delights

Froomkin (whose column is smokin’ hot today) linked to the above YouTube video from the David Letterman Show.  (h/t also to C&L who linked it last night.)  It’s an oldie but goodie — and I’m thinking they may have to amend it to include the masticated buttered roll bit popping out of Bush’s mouth while he’s talking shop with Yo, Poodle Boy Tony Blair.  And the "Ewwwwww" moment with Angela Merkel’s surprise backrub throw-off.

Nice respect for the lady talking to Letterman, whose jacket got used as an eyeglasses rag.  Classy.  Again.  (Froomkin’s WaPo chat today was also good.  Just FYI.)

Digby has some great thoughts on the whole frat boy persona of our dear President, including a quote from an older article that is as telling as it is odd:

Even as an adult, George was so out of control that his mother, then the president’s wife, removed her eldest son to the opposite end of the table at a state dinner for the Queen of England. Although sober by then, the First Son had introduced himself to the Queen as "the black sheep of the family."

George W. Bush was then 44 years old.

Yeah, good to know that it’s not just a recent trend, huh?

And TBogg?  Still funny.

If you are wondering why the diversionary fare, it’s because CNN is reporting that Israeli special forces are massing on the Lebanese border, and Hezbollah sent rockets into Nazareth today (Rita Cosby on MSNBC says it was Jesus’ hometown!)  Taylor has a piece on the the Turks perhaps sending troops into northern Iraq, because the Kurds may or may not be raiding across the border and the Turks are sick of it.  And the President has busied himself today by threatening a veto of the stem cell bill in a public act of political piety (he’s doing it right now on teevee, for your viewing pleasure…).   The economy slowing is good, says Ben Bernanke, even with the high oil prices.  And so it goes. On and on and on.

…and so I thought everyone else could use the diversion and the giggles, too.

UPDATE:  Meant to include this as well.  Wolcott?  Priceless.

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