I am Spartacus Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald stalker and the obviously girlfriend-less Patterico still won’t let it go:

Read on, Gentle Reader. I promise you, this will be worth your time.

See if you see any similarities between the following comments, from three completely different people. (Or are they?)

Listen to their amazing praise for the great Glenn Greenwald . . . and note how similar all the comments sound.

And then Patterico finds similarities in words like “the” “and” and “14-inches of man-meat” and tries to make something out of it, which, I guess is worth your time if you’re just a lonely guy trying to fill the the desperate hours until the sweet oblivion of sleep claims you and then morning comes and you must once again face the black shrieking void of a meaningless life devoid of joy and human interaction…at least until lunchtime because it’s Taco Thursday today.

Then it’s back to that shrieking void thing again.

Anyway, I just received an email attachment of a Microsoft Solitaire screenshot from my Dark and Petulant Lord, Kos and I just wanted to say that Raymond Shaw Glenn Greenwald is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.

Oooooooo! Tacos!

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