That school voucher thing

It’s The Big Glove

I know I promised a post on it tonight but I want to take my time with it so that I don’t come off as being glib since we (the tasteful and ghetto-fabulous mrs tbogg and I) take the issue quite seriously what with the lovely and talented Casey being a private school kid.

Not that any one comes here for policy discussions when there are wingnuts to be mocked and pelted with tater-tots.

Anyway, it’ll be sometime next week since since I’ll be on the road in San Francisco this weekend with the aforementioned and whistle-worthy mrs tbogg to see a ballgame at AT&T Park with some tickets that she won in a golf tournament. Yeah, she’s all that and a bag of peanuts. It is purely icing on the cake that the Giants will be playing the Padres.

In the meantime, we are open to restaurant suggestions in the SF downtown area, keeping in mind that I wear shorts 360+ days a year and I’m not packing any pants, dammit.

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