Islamicists ruined my Babes of Lebanon masturbation fantasy

Poor Randy at RightWinged. He gets himself all gussied up for his big date with internets babes and damned if Reuters doesn’t totally cock-block him:

So I get out of the shower and see if Drudge has anything that I missed, and I see a picture of one decent looking chick and another regular chick (see here) above the headline – Supporters of Lebanon protest outside Israeli consulate in NY…. But when I click the headline I’m taken to this Reuters photo in one of Yahoo! News’ photo slideshows

Hey. Hey! Where’s the babes? WTF?

Now if Randy, who suddenly became a little less randy, had popped over to John Hawkins’ place he could have indulged himself (which is a nice way of saying that he treats his body like an amusement park {seinfeld reference}) with fantasies of porn stars turned Republican nominees.

Yesterday, I got together with Mimi Miyagi, a former porn star running for Governor of Nevada as a Republican. Her campaign is quite a ways back in the polls at the moment, but I thought she’d still be a fun interview — and she was! What you’ll find below is an edited transcript of our conversation. Enjoy!

John Hawkins: When did you start getting into politics and what drew you to the Republican Party?

Mimi Miyagi: I am an avid supporter of bearing arms since 2001….I love the people in the (Republican Party). I have been to some of the Democratic parties here and there, but the positivity, the upbeat attitude of the Republicans was more for me.

Here is the lovely Miss Miyagi:

No. This is not another Vent screen cap

Conversation overheard in a suburban home in Maryland:

MM: Jesse! Did you see this?
JM: Mmmm-hmmm.
MM: Bitch best not be cutting into my action is all I’m sayin’.
JM: Mmmm-hmmmm.
MM: You coming to bed?
JM: I’ll be there in a little while. I’ve got some…..work to do.
MM: Come to bed soon. Tomorrow is Hate the Mexicans Thursday.
JM: This shouldn’t take me more than a minute or two.
MM: Love you.
JM: Mmmm-hmmmm.

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