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New from Apple: the iBacus

Since the Bible doesn’t mention calculus, I guess they don’t teach it:

The Bush administration and Republican legislators yesterday proposed a $100 million national plan to offer low-income students private-school vouchers to escape low-performing public schools. The plan was immediately assailed by Democrats, unions and liberal advocacy groups.

The proposal comes four days after the independent research arm of the Department of Education issued a report showing that public schools are performing as well as or better than private schools, with the exception of eighth-grade reading, in which private schools excelled. The results prompted questions from foes of vouchers about why taxpayer money should go toward private schools instead of toward improving public schools.


The report also found that conservative Christian schools — a constituency that supports vouchers — lagged significantly behind public schools in eighth-grade math. The report supported similar findings from a University of Illinois study on math.

Fundamentalist conservatives will be sorely disappointed if the government doen’t come through with those vouchers because they are really counting on the eleventy three-hundert dollars per student which will allow them to purchase copies of Heather’s Mommy Speaks in Tongues and Biology 101: Men Are From Dust, Women Are From Ribs.

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