The soft bigotry of lowered expectations in action

I just flew in from DC and boy do I look dopey…

Thanks to a link from Rich Lowry (of all people) we see that White House isn’t going to put any pressure on Condoleezza Rice to have a plan:

The vaguest diplomatic trip ever [Rich Lowry]

From Tony Snow’s briefing today:

Q: Tony, what would Secretary Rice’s — the goal of a trip from the Secretary of State be, then? She’s not going to meet with anybody from Syria, Iran or Hezbollah, so what would a trip to the region do, in terms of getting it closer to the end of a crisis?

MR. SNOW: Well, we’re going to have to wait. Look, the Secretary’s going to go, but she’s not even sure when. I think — I’m going to kick the can down the road a little bit, Jim, because I think at this point, we do know, but — it is a legitimate question to ask precisely what she wants to do and accomplish, and I think it’s probably better left to when they figure out when they’re going to do it, we’ll be in a better position to announce precisely what it is she wants to do.

Translation: We’re giving Israel more time.

Nice to know that the Administration has a handle on things as we stand on the brink of World War Eye-Eye-Eye or Eye-Vee… depending on your neocon of choice.

Not that this hasn’t been noticed by a few from his party.

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