What women want

First start by holding her hand…

It is, to use George Will’s favorite word, axiomatic that one doesn’t go running to conservatives for tips on dealing with chicks:

Angela Merkel Liked It – Geez

Crooks and Liars, in a post called Presidential Groping, with help from Bild, is attempting to do a hit on Bush that doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. No wonder they are only using a four second video. I doubt they want you to see the rest.

The usual useful idiots are all a twitter, but if one looks closely at the video, you’ll find that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is actually smiling at the very end. What was perhaps a fond exchange, perhaps a bit of a jest (maybe Bush told her to lighten up, given her previously tense look) who knows. Unfortunately, some are trying to turn it into something it obviously wasn’t – something we might have expected from Bill Clinton, perhaps? Interesting, I thought the Left didn’t have any problem with that?

As someone who has, you know, actually been with a woman (several in fact) I can point out that unsolicited neck-rubs as well as back-rubs aren’t high on the touchy-feely list, although I will admit that they reside higher up than the ever popular boob-rub and the let-me-warm-my-hands-between-your-thighs move. And what appears to be smiling at the end might also be relief that Chester the Molester is looking elsewhere to cop a feel.

Just a thought from someone without an imaginary girlfriend.

Either way, having noticed Merkel’s look of distaste at being publicly manhandled, I’m willing to bet that Bush later IM’d Dick Cheney and pronounced her a “total lez” and offered to fix her up with Mary.

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