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The Blend cited on fundie 'ex-gay' blog

Oh, how exciting! What a sweet day it is to be linked from San Diego-based fundie and “former homosexual” James Hartline‘s pad. The Blend came up in a post on his efforts to proselytize at the Gay Games, “flying to Chicago to make his stand for righteousness.” He will be traveling into the fires of persecution to save gay athletes from sin. From his press release:

There is no question that Hartline and the other members of this historic evangelism outreach will be risking their lives for the cause of Christ during the Gay Games. The level of hatred that is rising up against the team is already accelerating on many anti-christian homosexual websites such as Ex-Gay Watch, the lesbian blog “Pam’s House Blend“, and The fires of persecution against traditional Christians are burning ever hotter inside of gay communities around America and they may be at their most intense during the Chicago Gay Games. That has not deterred Hartline or the other brave souls who are laying down their lives for the cause of Christ in America.

Hartline told some of his fellow church members at Mission Valley Christian Fellowship in San Diego, California ( as they prayed for him this Sunday prior to his departure for Chicago, “For all of the moms and dads, their little boys and little girls, I must go and represent them and fight for their values.” Hartline is asking Christians from around the United States to go to war in prayer, fasting and intercession for the Love & Truth Team as they make their historic stand. Not since this country was founded has there been a greater need for spiritual warfare on behalf of the church.

“I don’t know if I will be assaulted or spit on, but one thing that I will do, is I will press on in Christ Jesus to that higher calling until He takes me to my heavenly home,” Hartline stated as he prepared for Chicago on this strange journey in this most strange life granted to him by the living God.

Oh yes, I was also copied last night on a letter from Peter LaBarbera (what was Pete doing up typing at 2:50 AM?) to Wayne Besen, his knickers in a twist over being called “Porno Pete” in Wayne’s post last week. More on that fun later…

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