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sHillary's Dem opponent speaks out

“Discrimination is discrimination is discrimination and Hillary Clinton obviously does not get it. By continuing to triangulate and mouth poll-tested reaction to the discriminatory ruling by the State Court of Appeals, my opponent is actively encouraging the continuation of blatant discrimination against gays and lesbians. I support marriage equality, with no equivocation and no twisting of language because discrimination of any kind is a stain on the soul of our state and our country.”

— New York Senate candidate, Democrat Jonathan Tasini, on sHillary

He’s got almost zero chance of stopping her juggernaut, but Jonathan Tasini‘s blasting sHillary away on her lack of support for her gay constituents. He needs needs 15,000 valid signatures to qualify for the Dem ballot, and he has to deliver his petitions by Thursday. (The Villager):

Tasini called on the State Legislature to immediately enact legislation to legalize same-sex marriage and for the U.S. Congress to follow suit.

“Only civil marriage can provide such vital protection and security to lesbian and gay families as granting the right to visit a hospitalized partner, custody and visitation rights for families, Social Security benefits to a surviving partner, immigration rights for international same-sex couples and hundreds of other legal protections and responsibilities,” noted Tasini.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding