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Here We Go Again…


According to Rush Limbaugh (via C&L), the situation in the Middle East is "a gift to the world," and the Bush Administration never intended to stop at the Iraqi invasion anyway.  On to Iran and Syria…or wherever.  Arthur has more.   Just when I thought I could not be more disgusted with the idiocy of the Republican wingnut ideology, it just gets worse and worse.

The NYTimes has more on the falseness of the "war on terror," and how continuing to prop up this failed, short-sighted travesty actually makes us less safe.  (And if you missed the first discussion yesterday on "The Age of Falibility" by George Soros, the comments and discussion were excellent, and well worth a read.)

All the other countries are evacuating their own citizens from Lebanon’s war torn countryside…the US may start on Tuesday, if the cruise ship rented for the transport shows up on time.  Sure hope no Americans who want to be evacuated mind being the last ones out, since the French, the British, the Russians and everyone else has already managed to get started while the US is…well, waiting on a cruise ship.

The TimesOnline UK (h/t to lotus for the link that led me here) has some poignant notes from bloggers and e-mails across the Israeli/Lebanon border.  Heartbreaking stuff, and all the more so because the families who are caught, once again, in the crossfire of a centuries-old feud are forced with a decision to hunker down or flee, hope or despair, and all the while pray for the safety of their children.

Froomkin has a great round-up today, btw, that is well worth a read.  Oh, and there was another nasty insurgent attack in Iraq again today.  Last throes…not so much.  Of course, now that we know that Iraq was never intended to be the last battle…well, that makes all the difference, eh, Rush?

What a mess.

(The photo of Slim Pickens in Dr. Strangelove, with his cowboy hat and attitude seemed sadly appropriate.  Yee haw is not a foreign policy, but I fear that Time was premature in their announcement of an end to cowboy diplomacy.  And as penance for this morose post, here’s a link to Joey Ramone doing "What a Wonderful World."  Gotta love YouTube for a pick-me-up.)

UPDATE:  Oh heavens, now MSNBC is reporting (at 2:17 pm ET) that there has been fierce fighting in the southern portion of Afghanistan, that the Taliban has gotten control of two more southern districts and that at least one coalition soldier has been killed, with updates to come.  Great.  Just great.

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Christy Hardin Smith

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